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Cattle Feed

Show Me Energy Cooperative is currently offering for sale the following feed products for cattle.

Missouri's Choice

Missouri’s Choice is a starter/grower pellet made from locally-grown forages, processed grain by-products, grain products and plant protein products fortified with calcium, salt, trace minerals (cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc) and vitamins A, D and E.  A citric acid fermentation biomass is included for stress alleviation in weaning and receiving cattle and digestive stimulation in growing cattle.  These microbials assist in the utilization of both fiber and starch, creating a favorable performance response at both high and low roughage intakes.  The net energy available for gain (NEg) from this product is 0.51 mcal/lb, which is two to three times higher than most hays, two times higher than early season pasture grasses, or three times higher than late season grasses.  Read more . . .


Roughage Extender

Show Me Energy Cooperative (SMEC) has developed a Roughage Extender made from locally-grown forages. These materials are inherently variable in protein, so a minimal amount of a protein ingredient or processed grain co-product, like soybean meal or distillers grains, is added to the ground roughage prior to pelleting to assist with pellet mill throughput and to standardize the protein level. Quality premiums are paid by SMEC as they purchase the roughages. This encourages producers to harvest under optimal conditions, minimizing the amount of costly ingredients like soy or distillers proteins SMEC has to use to meet nutrient guarantees.

The resulting pellet is green in color, has a pleasant hay-like aroma, and is palatable to cattle. Even after pelleting and rehydration in a wet environment like the rumen, the ground forage from which the pellet is made still gives the product adequate roughage, or “scratch” effect. With minor adjustment in other ration ingredients, the roughage extender can be used to replace more expensive feedstuffs like soybean hulls while improving the safety of the ration in self-feeding situations. Read more . . .